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Family Alive: Photo Album

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May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else, just as ours does for you. 1 Thessalonians 3:12

Christmas 2004

  We have been getting ready here in California for Christmas. Look at a plethora of early Christmas 04 pictures here.
  We got lost on our way to Trader Joe's and ended up amazed at the Christmas lights of the neighborhood of 53rd and S.

fall 2004

  Analise enjoys swinging on the playground and watching everyone around her.
  Analise and Mommy enjoy swinging together.
  Analise sits up on her own outside on the playground.
  Analise watches Mommy while sitting up.
  Who's that cute baby wearing the strawberry hat?
  Why it's none other than Analise "Strawberry" Toone!
  Giant yawn from little baby.
  Analise and Daddy stand next to the beautiful fall leaves outside our apartment.
  Analise stands on Mommy before going out to look at the leaves (and hike over to Starbucks)!
  Analise wrestles Dizzy to the ground (or, should I say changing table?)

summer 2004

  I take Analise to Starbucks in her bjorn.
  Grandma Cardwell visits and helps out.
  Welcome Analise Katelyn!

spring 2004

  Hal and Anna come visit us in California.
  Our church family and friends throw us a wonderful baby shower in May!

mother's day 2004

  Kristine with her Mother's Day present outside our apartment.

easter 2004

  Kristine and I on the playground next to our apartment.
  Kristine enjoying the playground a lot.

winter 2004

  The two and a half Toones go skiing!
  Gone ski racing!

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